Hey, guys! So I’m trying to make a GDA Click and Drag game, and I’m wondering if any of you are interested in possibly having your dessert in it! I’m making the gifs on Photoshop, so I probably won’t have enough layers to have everyone in them but I’ll try to squeeze in as many as I can. Anyways, if you’re interested, please reblog this post! It’d be great if you had an image of your dessert that I can use! ( since I’m way too lazy to draw them all out myself)

I’ve been seeing this on my dash, and I want to tell you that this post is old! I already made the game which can be found here if you haven’t seen it yet!

Maybe in the future I’ll make a nicer one, but for now please don’t reblog this so nobody gets their hopes up! ;v;

[Happy voice] broner


everyone praise jo on her beautiful artwork

i showed jay, kai, and hope my deep deep deep voice today


For the band sitcom AU www I can really see them singing drop pop candy

left to right: Rosie, Eri, and Trancy! 


hershey and kei are sharing a moment together, chilling in one of their houses. all star can be heard in the background.

they were talking about many things, about their lives and about their future. not very deep, since hershey’s cognitive process didn’t allow for that, but it was an enjoyable conversation for both of them anyway.

"so… you think we’re going to be best friends forever?" asked kei, continuing the philosophical topic.

"i don’t think so. i’m sure of it! we WILL be best friends forever!" hershey paused, smiling. "it’s a bromise"

and then hershey fell on the ground because kei pushed him off and left the room.


drew more happy hisalisa because no one is going to die SHHh especially not these two. NOPE. also i love twelve’s anklet ; 3 ;

i want to play the game alread y

if you do anything bad to the god items, i cry. I can laugh and be merry at the despair of desserts. B ut I cannot la ugh at a god item’s deSPAIR